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Did you think I fell in???
On my hands and knees...
Just tell the whole truth...
Who wants to run away with me?
Some excitement here...


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Really, MaiWhey?

Did you think I fell in???

Well, hello everyone! I realize I have been MIA for quite sometime, but with good reason.
Mama got a full time job. But before you go running around shouting "Congrats", let me tell you the rest of the story. Sound like Paul Harvey, huh? (Only for us old-folks to know who he was.)
It was supposed to be a dream job for me. In my field, somewhat. Dealing with people and their important events. Whether it be parties, weddings, memorial services, their events were important to them. And I was recommended very highly for the position from a very good friend and colleague.

On my hands and knees...

Yes, I have been missing in action lately. Sometimes, there are just not enough hours in the day. And when there is, some bunch of bullshit seems to come and take it away, never to be heard from again. Take last week for instance...
It started out great! had a lunch date with hubby and another couple, my friends Cheryl and Duncan. Met them about a year ago, and we have been crazy in love ever since, LOL. They are so NORMAL, for lack of a better term. Lunch was at one of our favorite restaurants here in Reno, Pho 777.

Just tell the whole truth...

I am a little crankier than usual today and it is my own fault. I take responsability for my actions, but have to say there is more to the story, and that needs to be taken into account. This is an uncomfortable position that started a couple years ago, and has just snowballed into a family dispute. Along the way, the information has been stomped on like the game telephone, and we all know how that ends.
The story is a long one, so I will not subject you to that, but just know it is a sensitive issue.

Who wants to run away with me?

Some days, running away would be my first choice for the day. I like quiet. can't help it, but the world is sooo loud, all the time, that I just want to shut it out. In the mornings, I like to get up a little earlier than Bob, just for the quiet. Ace is on the couch, snoring sweetly, the birds are out, and the TV is OFF...I swear, he knows when I am just getting settled with my coffee, and BOOM, he's up. From then, it is a friggin noise fest. The TV is on, and not just so we can hear it, but the whole neighborhood can hear the Today Show.

Some excitement here...

Good morning lovlies, Hope all is well in your world. I haven't been around much the past couple of days, but just because you haven't heard any bitching lately doesn't mean I am not feeling that way! had a rough couple of days with the whole internet bullshit and as soon as I was done with that, another (slight)dissapointment. My meeting with the gallery owners got postponed till next week.Could be a good thing though...I have more time to get some other stuff done.So, thats OK. Been looking into a group called TheIndieExhibit.

I hate stupid people...

That's it,nothing else,other than the fact that the stupids are out numbering the smarts...I spent 8 hours on the phone with our friends at ATT yesterday, and another four this morning. All for what amounted to a push of a button. It took me 8 seperate people to figure out what THEY screwed up,but yet, we are the ones without the service and they don't feel it's necessary to compensate me in any way. Really? You dumb fucks don't know who you are messing with.
Due to the high cost and the fact that we just use our cell phones, we decided to terminate our home phone service effective 5.

Well, my decision has been made...

Good Sunday to you all. It is May 1st and that was the day I gave myself as a decision maker. If I wasn't working by now, I would not be attending my 30 year class reunion. Well, today is the day and still no work, so my decision has been made. I am sadened by this decision but one has to be realistic. We are already struggling and not making ends meet and I have no right to put money away for fun if I can't pay my bills. So, i am hoping that everyone has a great time and I will miss being there with all of you.

Corporate America: Gotta love it, or make yourself crazy!

OK, time for some good ole' whinin' and cryin'! Let me first say how sorry I am to have heard that relatives of my friend Trisha(that the necklace I showed yesterday was for) had perished in a tornado last night in Alabama. My deepest sympathies to the family. And that all the bellyaching I am about to spew is NOTHING compared to the loss they and so many others are feeling. And lastly, I must take partialblame as it was my responsibility to handle my finances better.That said...
Good lord,what does it take to get thru to these knuckleheads that work for our phone companies, cable providers, etc?

Boy,did I need that!!!

It is Wednesday and as promised, a review of my long needed massage.
It all started with this thingy called Facebook. I have a friend, who has a friend, blah, blah, blah. But I kept seeing hers posts and thought"This chick seems really cool", but knew I couldn't afford a massage at this time. But I am one of those people that kinda just says what she means and figured I had nothing to lose if I asked a favor...So I contacted her on FB, and asked if she ever considered bartering her services?

Is Monday almost over?

Hey friends, strangers and people that got lost and landed here...Well another Monday has come and gone and it was an OK day. The winds were hellacious here today and we took Ace out for his daily "Squirrel Hunt", and the wind gave me a screaming headache. Like I need another reason to be bitchy! But all in all it has been a good day. Got somemore stuff up on my site, bartered with a friend for a well deserved massage and got some grocery shopping done.
Speaking of massages: If you are in Reno,you need to check out Tele Raack LMT.
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